* book of Otto Rahn, Lucifer’s Court in Europe.

…”Strange facts reveal that, different from what the general public thinks, Hitlerism was not above all a political movement”

“….Throughout the centuries, gnosis has taken on different appearances. There are entire Gnostic systems wearing different disguises in the heresies of the first centuries of the Church. Generally speaking, we can distinguish a pagan gnosis and a so-called Christian gnosis. The origin of the pagan gnosis is lost in the dark night of time. All the Ancient World was plunged into it.
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The Manichean Gnostics, for example, sustain that gnosis existed even before the Deluge in Atlantis, Lemuria, and Hiperborea, civilizations that would have existed before that terrible chastisement. Remaining within the boundaries of documented history, before Christ we find pagan gnosis in Persia, India, and Greece, among other peoples”………….
1. Nazism a GnosticManichaen sect – Part I @ TraditionInAction.org
Throughout the centuries, gnosis has taken on different appearances. There are entire Gnostic systems wearing … The Manichean Gnostics, for example … matter. The Gnostics deny the
Simon Magus was associated with cults of Gnostics Manichaens and Ebonites. He was the high priest of the Melkizsedek  priesthood. He was also a military commander, like Michael Aquino.
It looks as though this Melkizedek priesthood has created many religious cults and has deliberately infiltrated the Christian catholic church of St Peter, (who did not want Simon Magus or his satanic cults in the christian church), by suppressing the early Gallican monasteries of St Martin of Tours & Marmoutiers,France, St Columba of Luxeuil (F)& Bobbio, Italy, and St Gall of the monastery of St Gallen in Switzerland.
The Melkizedek priesthood is possibly the real power house that protects Michael Aquino and his ilk from being arrested and possibly controls most religions.

Septimania in the western part of Gallia Narbonensis was the seat of power of the Jews of the Aragonese Empire/Kingdom.



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