The Worshipful Company of Fuellers Control Fire-arms and the Military
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The Red cross of the Knights Templar as worn by the McCanns friends in Rothley. The man facing the camera is also wearing a black Teutonic cross with a gold (yellow?) crown. Could this man know something about the kidnapping of the McCann’s daughter.

-Maddie’s cat. Kate McCann pointing out the black cross on a yellow background. She seemed to know who had taken her daughter but was afraid to say.
United Nations with the number 666 on the wall chart (the third 6 is cut out of this photo). There are two blue flags, one light blue and one cobalt blue.

Prince Harry just back from his romp in Las Vegas, looking very pleased with himself. Note Harry’s red hair and the two blue shirts in the photo. Also note the number 616 on the (temporary prop?) lamp-post. Is this photo a signal to someone? A ‘mission accomplished signal?
< photo:
(see article below: NATO – Snow White and the 27 Dwarfs.
The men are the Royal Hussars D company. Hussars are the Corsairs/Pirates who have the right to fly the Skull and Bones flag. The Jolly Roger/Red Devil.  They may also have a monopoly right to Loot and Pillage?
Financial Terrorists
&Civilians Massacred in Daraya, SYRIA -…. by NATO…
&@ Whistler: The Whistler: List of Contents


James Holmes’ father was said by NBC to have been a member of the above club. The key symbol looks like an Olympic torch.

Phosphoros (l. Lucifer), the Morning star and his brother Hesperus (l. Vesper), the Evening star holding Olympic torches. One hails the morning with the arrival of their mother Eos (l. Aurora, e. Dawn). They are grandsons of the Titan, Hyperion also known as Orion.
——————————————— where did the word Lucifer come from? Is it in the Hebrew manuscripts? Where the King James says Lucifer, son of the morning, the Hebrew is heilel ben shakhar. Heilel is a shining thing or something that shows off brightness.This is the same word used by the writers of the Septuagint to translate heilel in Isaiah 14:12 and is the name of the planet Venus in Greek.
If Lucifer is a correct rendering in Isaiah 14:12, then it is correct in 2 Peter 1:19 also (just as Jerome translates it).
And so we have the first place where scripture calls Yeshua Lucifer. But that is not the only place.

This yellow and orange flower with a dark purple stem is ‘crocosmia Lucifer’. It has exactly the same mix of colours as James Holmes’ (red) hair and dark purple shift.


James Holmes? Vesper and Lucifer?
Marble statue in Liege cathedral of Lucifer chained (by archangel Michael?) Or chained by the new Holy Roman Catholic church in about 996 AD. with the arrival of the new Clunicense order of monks who ‘reformed’ and suppressed the Gallican christian monasteries in western Europe.
&Lucifer with Bat wings.
Lucifer in the 4th century before he was turned into a demon by the Jewish monks of Cluny.
A sect of the fourth to/sixth century, who refused to hold any communion with the Arians, who had renounced their “errors” and been re-admitted into the Church. So called from Lucifer, Bishop of Cagliari, in Sardinia, their leader.
Eliphas Levy’s so called ‘Baphomet’. Where did he get this name? Could it be ‘homet’ meaning man or mannikin and ‘Bat’ or Bar? Batman? Son of Man? The drawing looks like a mixture of the above Lucifer plus some horrible additions such as the caduceus of Mercury stuffed down his pants like a geer stick.
<There are revolting animals sitting on either side of this symbol. Could this be what ‘inspired’ Levy. The torch above the central animals head looks like the Olympic torches of both Lucifer and Vesper.



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Michael Aquino – St Thomas Aquino

Thomas was born during 1225 into a noble family, having relatives among  the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. His father Landulph was the Count   of   Aquino, and his mother Theodora, the Countess of Teano.
At age five, Thomas was sent to study at Monte Cassino, the abbey founded by St. Benedict.

Notice his eight pointed star on his chest. It is the star of Melkizedek. This man could be an ancestor of Michael Aquino.
According to
“Pope Urban IV did knowingly and deliberately provide personally to Thomas Aquinas in 1264 a body of work known as Thesaurus Graecorum Patrum (Thesaurus of Greek Fathers) knowing it to be fraudulent in which a great number of alleged genuine quotes of Early quotes of church fathers were listed including Cyril of Jerusalem, John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria and Maximus the Abbott being ficticious characters created by the Pope and the Catholic Church which Aquinas unknowingly then used in large believing the text to be genuine part to form the basis of his defence of the papacy in the work Against the Errors of the Greeks”.

Thomas Aquino could be an ancestor of Michael Aquino



St Michael
The Final Judgement by Hans Memling 1433

St. Michael the Archangel with the wings of Melek Taus (king-peacock), the Persian Peacock Angel of the Yezidi, said to be from the Zoroastrian religion and to have it’s origins in neolithic cults of Shamans. Dressed in black armour like Ignazio Loyola of the Jesuits. Melek Taus is the Persian name of the angel Azazel. Interestingly he, like Lucifer, was thrown out of heaven for his sins (whatever they were), for seven thousand years. After which time, he was restored to heaven. “The specific source for the name Melek Taus is the cosmology of the Yezidi, a small and much-persecuted Kurdish sect who live in Iraq, and are regarded by the Muslim majority community as devil-worshippers. The beliefs of the Yezidi are in fact more Gnostic in nature – the peacock god Melek Taus is a demiurge, an archangel who intercedes between God and man. He’s also known as Shaytan, i.e. Satan, and he parallels the figure of Lucifer in the Christian tradition”.


St Michael the Archangel again wearing the peacock feathers of Melek Taus. Melek Taus is also called ‘the SanJaq’, which might be connected with Anubis the Jackal god of the Egyptian Pharaohs.
Note: ‘Coquille Saint Jaques’ is a (pearl like?) sea food served in a scallop shell, like the one that Asmodeus is holding on his head at Rennes le Chateau. See article “Anther Look at Lucifer,” (The word ‘scallop’ may be cognate with scalp, skull). 
St Paul the Pharasee (orthodox Hebrew) priest ascending into heaven. (I always thought he was crucified with St Peter!) St. Paul is said (in his letters to the Hebrews), to have been converted to the Melkizadek priesthood by the “Essenes”. St. Peter’s party was called “the Village Essenes” which he formed at Antioch in AD 48. He later went to Rome where Paul was teaching. There he changed the name of his religio/political party to ‘the Kat holist (Gk) party of christians’, meaning the Christian party of married men’.
Paul became ‘Illuminated on the road to Damascus’, said to mean the Essene route to Illumination. The only evidence of this order of Melkizadek in the Bible is found in St. Paul’s letters to the Hebrews 5.5.

The Jesuit order of Ignazio Loyola and Francesco Xaviero has an obsession with beating/panting hearts and severed heads, giving rise to suspicions of canibalism and devil cults.
Nineveh and its Remains, vol. i, pp. 293-294.)

…….It appears from the same authority that there is some asso­ciation of ideas in existence among the Izedis (Persian area of Khurdistan ed.) between the Devil and the Melek Taus. “When they speak of the Devil,” says Layard, “they do so with reverence as Malik Taus, ‘King Peacock,’ or Malik al Kut, ‘the Mighty Angel” … (Interestingly ‘Ku’ in Gaelic means hound (dog) ed).

……..”It has lately been argued, however, by Dr. Jblowicz, that the cock worship of the Cuthites had nothing to do with Mars, but that it was a Moloch cultus, comprising the sacrifice of children. Dr. Jolowicz argues, in favour of this view of the subject, that the Talmud classified the cock among the demons on account of its lustful propensities; that the Izedis at the present day call their deified cock Melek Taus, in which the term Moloch is plainly discernible; and because the Assyrian coins show the representation of Dagon together with Nergal (the fish and the cock), he says there is little doubt but that both gods thus placed together represent the Phallus and Moloch worship”…..

Jesus Christ is said to have been a priest ‘in the way of Melkizadek‘, which suggests that there might be two different priesthoods of Melkizadek? One, a Crypto cult of Devil worshipping followers of Moloch, and one following the cult of ‘bread and wine sacrifice’ of Christians as taught by Jesus Christ and as given to Abraham by Melkizadek king of Salem, (at least in this painting!). During the life time of Abraham, he was called ‘Abram’ and Melkizadek was called ‘Maliku’s Salam’. See: document preserved in the Nazirite-Ismaelite branch titled Haffi Bab- i- Sayydna. Both the words Malek and Christos (Gk) mean ‘king’ while the word Taus is similar to the last letter of the old Greek and Gaelic alphabets, ‘Tau’/’Taw’ meaning ‘Cross’. The word ‘Malek’ is an anagram of ‘al Kem’ bring us back once again to the Angel Azazel. ————–

Updated 05.04.2011

Kurdistan: Peacock Angel (Malak Tawus) “On the previous dark and new moon I had invoked the Yeziddi Blue God Melek Taus or Shaitan, the peacock angel and ‘Lord of the Painted Fan’. I had realized then how he corresponded with Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl in terms of the seven powers, chakras and colour spectrum, but it only just clicked now that both were associated with the planet Venus, which the Mayans called the ”morningstar.” Mexico: Quetzalcoatl “Ancient cave art representing Quetzalcoatl also drew associations with the morning star, Venus, another tie to Melek Ta’us and Lucifer. He may also be associated with Mercury, that messenger of the Gods, with whom all angels are linked in some fashion. Quetzalcoatl was said to have been born to a virgin woman, along with his brother, the dog-headed Xolotl.”

This article is intended as an attempt to identify the ‘satanic cult’ operating at the Mothers of Darkness Castle (chateau des Amerois) and is linked to a previous article on Lucifer here:

Updated 08.04.2011

“In the beginning, Kurdish Khuda created the White Pearl out of his most precious Essense; and He created a bird named Anfar. And He placed the pearl upon its back, and dwelt thereon forty thousand years. On the first day (of Creation), Sunday, He created an angel called Azazil, which is Melek Tawus, the chief of all (angels.)……
The Dead Sea communities revere the yazatas, or angels. And like those other communities, the Yezidi “hold that a group of seven, sometimes six, head the angelic hierarchy.” (From the Ashes of Angels – Andrew Collins) It is believed that the Seven’s leader, Lasifarus (an incarnation of Malek Taus), can speak Kurdish fluently — in order to demonstrate his origin. The rest of those seven have been given standard names through the passage of time: Gabrail, Michail, Raphail, Azrail, Dedrail, Azrapheel, and Shemkeel”.