The Worshipful Company of Fuellers Control Fire-arms and the Military
video capture from:


The Red cross of the Knights Templar as worn by the McCanns friends in Rothley. The man facing the camera is also wearing a black Teutonic cross with a gold (yellow?) crown. Could this man know something about the kidnapping of the McCann’s daughter.

-Maddie’s cat. Kate McCann pointing out the black cross on a yellow background. She seemed to know who had taken her daughter but was afraid to say.
United Nations with the number 666 on the wall chart (the third 6 is cut out of this photo). There are two blue flags, one light blue and one cobalt blue.

Prince Harry just back from his romp in Las Vegas, looking very pleased with himself. Note Harry’s red hair and the two blue shirts in the photo. Also note the number 616 on the (temporary prop?) lamp-post. Is this photo a signal to someone? A ‘mission accomplished signal?
< photo:
(see article below: NATO – Snow White and the 27 Dwarfs.
The men are the Royal Hussars D company. Hussars are the Corsairs/Pirates who have the right to fly the Skull and Bones flag. The Jolly Roger/Red Devil.  They may also have a monopoly right to Loot and Pillage?
Financial Terrorists
&Civilians Massacred in Daraya, SYRIA -…. by NATO…
&@ Whistler: The Whistler: List of Contents

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