James Holmes’ father was said by NBC to have been a member of the above club. The key symbol looks like an Olympic torch.

Phosphoros (l. Lucifer), the Morning star and his brother Hesperus (l. Vesper), the Evening star holding Olympic torches. One hails the morning with the arrival of their mother Eos (l. Aurora, e. Dawn). They are grandsons of the Titan, Hyperion also known as Orion.
——————————————— where did the word Lucifer come from? Is it in the Hebrew manuscripts? Where the King James says Lucifer, son of the morning, the Hebrew is heilel ben shakhar. Heilel is a shining thing or something that shows off brightness.This is the same word used by the writers of the Septuagint to translate heilel in Isaiah 14:12 and is the name of the planet Venus in Greek.
If Lucifer is a correct rendering in Isaiah 14:12, then it is correct in 2 Peter 1:19 also (just as Jerome translates it).
And so we have the first place where scripture calls Yeshua Lucifer. But that is not the only place.

This yellow and orange flower with a dark purple stem is ‘crocosmia Lucifer’. It has exactly the same mix of colours as James Holmes’ (red) hair and dark purple shift.


James Holmes? Vesper and Lucifer?
Marble statue in Liege cathedral of Lucifer chained (by archangel Michael?) Or chained by the new Holy Roman Catholic church in about 996 AD. with the arrival of the new Clunicense order of monks who ‘reformed’ and suppressed the Gallican christian monasteries in western Europe.
&Lucifer with Bat wings.
Lucifer in the 4th century before he was turned into a demon by the Jewish monks of Cluny.
A sect of the fourth to/sixth century, who refused to hold any communion with the Arians, who had renounced their “errors” and been re-admitted into the Church. So called from Lucifer, Bishop of Cagliari, in Sardinia, their leader.
Eliphas Levy’s so called ‘Baphomet’. Where did he get this name? Could it be ‘homet’ meaning man or mannikin and ‘Bat’ or Bar? Batman? Son of Man? The drawing looks like a mixture of the above Lucifer plus some horrible additions such as the caduceus of Mercury stuffed down his pants like a geer stick.
<There are revolting animals sitting on either side of this symbol. Could this be what ‘inspired’ Levy. The torch above the central animals head looks like the Olympic torches of both Lucifer and Vesper.

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