I have been locked out of my blog, atwhistler.wordpress.com by someone tampering with the postion of the symbols, in particular the ‘@’ symbol. The problem only occurs on Firefox.All new links sent by worpress to my email are similarly tampered with rendering all links invalid.On top of this, I can no longer reach my blog using the Url:
https://atwhistler.wordpress.com/ (on Firefox)
as the above message comes up preventing viewing.

The message (by persons unknown!) accuses the blog ‘At Whistler’ of being ‘unreliable’ so declared non accessable (on Firefox).

I can still access as many porn sites as they wish to throw at me though!


The blog ‘AtWhistler’ has now been restored to normal service. Many thanks to WordPress for achieving that.





Update: 20.08.2012

On reading the message given by Italian Internet traffic-police (or whoever it is that in charge of blog traffic),  I see that the url called into question is not that of the ‘at whistler’ blog but a kind of copy-cat url, so similar to mine that it has been flagged as possibly attempting to take over this blog.
The offending blog is called Whistler Hotels, Condos and Activities.
It uses url http://whistler.wordpress.com but for some unkown reason, was also using a second url http://at.whistler.wordpress.com coinciding with the date that my blog became inaccessable.
I am not at all sure what all this means but am going to leave this article posted up in case of further problems

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