Michael Aquino – St Thomas Aquino

Thomas was born during 1225 into a noble family, having relatives among  the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. His father Landulph was the Count   of   Aquino, and his mother Theodora, the Countess of Teano.
At age five, Thomas was sent to study at Monte Cassino, the abbey founded by St. Benedict.http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/saint.php?n=130

Notice his eight pointed star on his chest. It is the star of Melkizedek. This man could be an ancestor of Michael Aquino.https://atwhistler.wordpress.com/nsas-highest-ranking-general-michael-aquino-founder-of-the-temple-of-set/
According to One-Evil.org
“Pope Urban IV did knowingly and deliberately provide personally to Thomas Aquinas in 1264 a body of work known as Thesaurus Graecorum Patrum (Thesaurus of Greek Fathers) knowing it to be fraudulent in which a great number of alleged genuine quotes of Early quotes of church fathers were listed including Cyril of Jerusalem, John Chrysostom, Cyril of Alexandria and Maximus the Abbott being ficticious characters created by the Pope and the Catholic Church which Aquinas unknowingly then used in large believing the text to be genuine part to form the basis of his defence of the papacy in the work Against the Errors of the Greeks”.

Thomas Aquino could be an ancestor of Michael Aquino

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