Alex Jones with the Melkizedek symbol wrapped around his microphone. It might be just a coincidence!

The blog for this sign is:

It is the symbol of A – M, ‘alpha mater’ ( the matrix?).

However, if you look closely you will see that it is also: IX – XI, nine-eleven. Maybe it’s another coincidence!

The Melkizedek priesthood is closely associated with the Knights Templar and Mary Magdelan cult which is the Gnostic cult of Simon the Magus, (brother or half-brother of Mary Magdelan).

The high priest of the Order of Melkizedek has the title ‘the Michael’ meaning Archangel Michael.

The name ‘Michael’ is an anagram of … Al-Khem is the Persian name of the Goat of Mendes, found inside the inverted Pentagram worn by Satanists.


Architect Andre Le Notre – making a curious jest with his hand. It may have been an odd quirk of the artist except for the fact that the hand sign is repeated in another painting below.


And yet another painting with the same hand sign!..below



Andre Le Notre/KNIGHT OF THE Order of Archangel Michael:

-In 1695 the King of France ennobled Le Notre and bestowed upon him the Order of St.Michael

General Michael Aquino, NSA’s highest ranking general is making the same strange hand sign as Architect Le Notre. The Order of St. Michael still exists.
According to the Old Testament (Daniel 12, 1), the Archangel Michael is the Great Prince who watches over the ‘people of God’ (God’s chosen people?) and is said to be the Chief of the ‘CELESTIAL ARMY’.

CESERE BORGIA, illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI (another Borgia from the Aragonese Kingdom/Empire), is the earliest recorded member of the ORDER OF ST MICHAEL. (Cosa Nostra?).

The video found at the above link shows a Pentagram with the Goat of Medes (devil) inside.  It is used by Michael in his ‘Church of Satan.


Pope Alexander VI, (1431-1503), born: Rodrigo Borja in the Kingdom of Valencia under the CROWN OF ARAGON, and father of Cesare Borgia:

Established an unlawful enterprise for the purpose of crime: (1493).  Pope Alexander VI with full authority as Supreme  Pontiff of ‘Christianity’ …….did expand its enterprise of

international slave trade controlled through license by the Roman Catholic Church to legally control the slave trade of the Caribbean and ensure it maintained control over fees and quotas for the expanding international slave trade and unknown territories including Asia, the Americas, but notrestricted to India and South East Asia.

This this was accomplished through the Papal Bull Inter caetera issued by Pope Alexander VI on May 4, 1493, which granted to Spain all lands to the “west and south” of a meridian 100 leagues (418 km) west of the Azores and the Cape Verde Islands, at 36°8’W.



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