Oliver Cromwell:
It was Oliver Cromwell who orchestrated the Jews return to England after he came to power. He is said to be a Puritan which may mean ‘Purim’, a Jewish satanic feast.
“At the decline the Middle Ages,… the Gnostic error comes to the surface, although carefully and under cover. The Gnostic influence can be noticed in precursors of the Protestant heresy such as Wycliffe and John Hus, as well as in Luther himself.
Gnostic was also the foundation of Cromwell’s Puritanism in England, for example. Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, almost everywhere one can note the presence of a huge subterraneous movement with a clear Gnostic Manichean, magic and occult tendency.

For some people it can appear surprising that modern Neo-Pagan currents such as Nazism are inundated with Gnosis and the occult. In their book Morning of the Magicians [Le Matin des Magiciens], authors Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier lift the tip of the veil that shrouds this mystery, although in a novelistic way”.

Oliver Cromwell orchestrated the Jews’ return to England. He was influenced in this by Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel of Amsterdam, the Jewish ambassador to the Gentiles.

by Manuel Azevedo

In 1656, Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel of Amsterdam, born Manuel Dias Soeiro in Lisbon, the son of a New Christian nail vendor, convinced Oliver Cromwell it would be just and profitable to allow Jews to return to England.
There was strong opposition, not least from London merchants who did not welcome further competition. A special conference of judges, clergy and merchants was convened by Cromwell in December, 1655.
Although Cromwell’s formal request to Parliament failed and Manasseh died a broken man, Jews did indeed acquire the right to live…. in England.

The arrest and seizure of the property of Antonio Rodrigues Robles was reversed on the grounds that he was not a Spanish Catholic but a Portuguese Jew.

(England was then at war with Spain). Accordingly, by legal precedent, Portuguese Jews were safe to live in England, albeit they were not accorded equal status until the 19th century.

The following from:

The Old Velho Sephardi Cemetery:

It is the oldest known Jewish cemetery in the UK. It was opened in 1657 and closed in 1742. It was the first Jewish cemetery to be opened following the readmission of Jews to this country (England ed.) under Oliver Cromwell.

A particular feature of Sephardi (Spanish and Portuguese) cemeteries is the laid flat tombstones. This symbolises that all are equal in death – rich or poor, high or low – and you will see this in the photos below.
Abraham Fernandez Carvajal, the founder of the modern Anglo-Jewish community, is buried here as are Haman David Nieto, one of the greatest Sephardic spiritual leaders, and physician Dr. Fernando Mendes.
The map above shows you how the area around the cemeteries looked in 1922

Former Sephardi old people’s home and hospital, Albert Stern House at 253 Mile End Road (located in front of the Old Velho Sephardi cemetery) is well worth a visit.
Currently used as student accommodation for Queen Mary’s College, it was named after Lt Col Sir Albert Gerald Stern. During World War One Sir Albert Stern was secretary of the Landships committee responsible for the overseeing the development of the tank.
He confirmed the order with William Foster & Co Ltd of Lincoln for ‘Big Willie’ – the first tank. A ‘Big Willie’ type tank is shown in the photo on the left being loaded onto a railway wagon.


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  1. Aferrismoon said,
    Found an old periodical which has an article that informs the reader that Cromwell made a pact with the Devil on Sept.3rd 1651, on the morning of the Battle of Worcester, which Cromwell’s forces won. The pact was for 7 years and Cromwell duly died on Sept 3rd 1658. cheers
    By aferrismoon on CURSE OF CRUMMEL on 7/8/12

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