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Patrick Solvay, ‘owner’ of the Chateau des Amerois (known as Mothers of Darkness castle) turns out to own just 5.27% of the shares. The following article shows him to also be the owner of the above d’Hulencourt Golf Course.

“The first time Hulencourt enters the pages of history is by way of a land deed dated 930 AD. At this time Hulencourt was called Huglintrou.
Later in the next century a document shows that Huglintrou was in fact the property of Ide d’Ardennes, wife of Eustache Count of Boulogne, who fought alongside William of Normandyin the conquest of England in 1066.

Ide d’Ardennes donated Hulencourt farm and its lands to the religious order of the Abbey of Affligem, who supported her sons Godfrey and Baldwin, so that they were now able to raise an army and join forces with three other armies led by Robert of Normandy, Raymond de Saint-Gilles and Bohemond of Apulia. Their objective was to retrieve the holy city of Jerusalem from the Saracen occupation.

On Friday before Easter in the year 1099, this was accomplished, Ide d’Ardennes’ son, now called Godfrey de Bouillon, Duke of Lower Lorraine, was asked to step forward and receive from his peers the crown of the first Christian king of Jerusalem.

Hulencourt, now in the ownership of a monastic order, flourished commercially and the courtyard and the layout of the buildings as they exist today were completed in 1680 as the arms above the entrance gateway confirms.

This was the age of enlightenment, a time of new learning. The books on the solar system written by Galileo were now allowed to be published. The plays of Molière were performed at the palace of Versailles in front of Louis XIV. Peter the Great was tsar of all the Russias. Isaac Newton would soon change the world of science, and a small town in America changed its name to New York.

Hulencourt reappears in history one more time in 1815 when its courtyard was filled with The English Light Cavalry recovering at the end of second day of the bloody battle of Waterloo where they suffered heavy casualties. It was a battle which determined the destiny of all Europe.

In recent years, the farm of Hulencourt passed into the hands of Mr Patrick Solvay who had the vision to see in Hulencourt the potential to create a first class private golf club.

That was seventeen years ago and now after a “year on year” investment programme, the last of which was the installation of a complete drainage and sprinkler system over the entire course and a new architecturally and landscaped car-park. The vision is mostly accomplished.

from: Tjid (Brussel)

19:18 – 22 mei 2008

Patrick Solvay heeft 5,3 procent in Solvac
Brussel (tijd) – Patrick Solvay, bestuurder van Solvac, heeft een belang van 5,27 procent genomen in de mono-holding. Solvac is de referentieaandeelhouder van chemie- en farmagroep Solvay
Aan de huid…

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