Patrick Solvay – Cluny

Heraldic shield 1646 – of Hulencourt Golf Course owned by Patrick Solvay, who is also the claimed owner of chateau des Amerois, (Mothers of Darkness Castle). Sword on Shield pointing down.

“The first time Hulencourt enters the pages of history is by way of a land deed dated 930 AD. At this time Hulencourt was called Huglintrou. Later in the next century a document shows that Huglintrou was in fact the property of Ide d’Ardennes, wife of Eustache Count of Boulogne, who fought alongside William of Normandy in the conquest of England in 1066.

“Ide d’Ardennes donated Hulencourt farm and its lands to the religious order of the Abbey of Affligem, who supported her sons Godfrey and Baldwin, so that they were now able to raise an army and join forces with three other armies led by Robert of Normandy, Raymond de Saint-Gilles and Bohemond of Apulia”.
Heraldic shield of the Abbey of Cluny, France. Sword pointing upwards.

Abbey of Cluny, France.

Abbey of Affligem, Belgium.
The abbey of Affligem was founded in 1061 or 1062, by six hermits, a group of knights who repented of their violent way of life.
Hermann II, Count Palatine of Lotharingia (1061–1085) and his guardian, Anno II, archbishop of Cologne (d. 1075) are considered official founders. The count Palatine donated the land on which to build the abbey church. The first St Peterchurch was erected in 1083. The Rule of St Benedict was adopted in 1085 and the abbey was dedicated in 1086.

-The counts of Brabant, also counts of Leuven, became their protectors (Vögte) in 1085/1086. A number of their family members are buried in the abbey church, including Queen Adeliza of England (d. 1151), as well as her father Duke Godfrey I of Leuven (d. 1139).

During the 12th century, the abbey became known for its strict observance of the discipline of the Cluniac reforms.


A Cluniac monastery at Melk, Austria.

The Cluniacense call themselves the ‘Umiliati’ (the Humble). They are not Benedictine as they claim to the tourists, they are followers of St. John the Baptist. Their principle icons show the Baptist wearing his camel skin.
They may have been a secret Satanic cult as can be seen in their icons of ‘The Trinity’ (of God) consisting of three archangels sitting round an alter stone holding a cup or chalice containing a red horned head. They are the three archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael appear to be about to eat the head.



Later copy of Icon with horns removed.

Abbey of John the Baptist Vertemate – Lombardy:
 The abbey was founded in 1086[1] as a priory cluniacense by a monaco called Gerardo, coming from the ‘abbazia di Cluny. Consacrated in 1095 by Bishop of Imola Odo, obtaining the privelige of Priorato, together with another two monasteri of the area: San Pietro di Vallate a Cosio Valtellino e San Nicola di Figina a Galbiate.

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