Rogerio Borgia, born in Zaragoza northern Spain.
“Roberto was born into a mercenary military family in the Basque city of Zaragoza in Northern Spain. Since the end of Roman occupation, the Basques for centuries had fought for their independence against the Muslim invaders and then the Frankish kings – suffering some of their most humiliating defeats and punishments under the founders of Catholicism.
During the 17th and 18th Century it was decided by the Vatican and Jesuits to re-write the founders of the Borja noble titles in Italy to Norman mercenaries largely to lessen the obvious historic importance of the Basque region and the Borja in founding not only the Roman Cult, but also the Jesuits themselves. Today, much of the history surrounding Rogelio has been deliberately distorted making a clear understanding very difficult”…… more at above link.
The ‘Jolly Roger’ pirate’s flag, according to Laurence Gardner, is said to have been originally the flag of the ‘Norman’ Rogerio Borjia II of Sicily. i.e. ..the Pope! The (Borgia) Popes may have owned the patent for the Pirate flag! They may also have owned and controlled the Slave Trade.
AC Milan football club sports a similar ‘Red devil’ (with a heart-shaped tail) to the one found on Rogerio Borgia’s ‘Jolly Roger’.
Roberto Borgia from Zaragoza in the Basque are of northern Spain, is wearing a similar hat and crown to Dagon. (below)
Dagon/Dogon is the Babilonian name of Saturn/Satan.
” Dagon: god of the Philistines. Dagon,(Heb), from dag “fish.”
Palestine : from L. Palestina (name of a Roman province), from Gk. Palaistine (Herodotus), from Heb. Pelesheth “Philistia, land of the Philistines.
Palestine – Revived as an official political territorial name 1920 with the British mandate. Under Turkish rule, Palestine was part of three administrative regions: the Vilayet of Beirut, the Independent Sanjak of Jerusalem, and the Vilayet of Damascus”. see: Etymonline.
Dagon is considered to be the equivalent of Greek god or Titan, CRONUS, who devoured his own children. Cronus was succeeded by ZIUS who forbade all cannibal cults, including the one in Arcadia.



The Jesuits were founded initially as The Company of Jesus on “Assumption Day” August 15, 1534, in a secret ceremony in the crypt of the Chapel of St. Denis by Ignatius of Loyola (born Íñigo López de Loyola) and Francisco Xavier, Alfonso Salmeron, Diego Laínez, and Nicolás Bobadilla all from Spain, Peter Faber from Savoy in France, and Simão Rodrigues from Portugal.”


Note the skull Francis Borgia is pointing to. It is his personal symbol. He was the father of Roberto and Rogerio Borgia. R

Rodrigo Borgia was named Pope Alexander VI from 1492 – 1503 after his father death.

Update : 18.o5.2012

Coat of Arms of Zaragoza
Looks similar to the rampant lion on the Venice Hotel Saturnia symbol (above)

Heraldic shield of the House of Borjia



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